A three-day workshop plus a preparation day, during which a team from the company gets to know the essential methods and tools of Design Thinking. In addition, the participants develop solutions and pre-prototypes for a self-defined task from the company using the methods learned.

Workshop contents
Joint preparation for the workshop. Collection, evaluation and selection of a suitable development task. Composition of the innovation team. Determination of the general conditions.
1st day (Workshop)
In the morning, participants learn all about the most important methods and tools of Design Thinking. In the afternoon, the team starts with a selected project. This is intended to help them get to know and understand the problem.
Day 2 (Workshop)
In the morning, the team expands and deepens the understanding of the problem. Then it is decided which aspect of the problem should be addressed in order to develop a solution. In the afternoon, the team is busy generating many solution ideas and selecting one of them. This is then “built” in the form of a pre-prototype.
Design Thinking
Day 3 (Workshop)
The team tests the pre-prototype on potential users and uses the collected feedback to either further develop the pre-prototype or to return to an upstream phase. The afternoon is used to further develop the pre-prototype through iteration loops, create documentation and present the result.

Speaker and Moderator

Prof. Dr. Uwe Sponholz

Target group:
Medium-sized companies and specialist departments of large companies who have recognised that they should solve problems in a more agile and innovative way in order to keep up with start-ups, for example.

Number of participants: 5-9
Costs: on request
Dates: by arrangement

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