Around 30 MBA students from the CBS Copenhagen Business School attended the virtual live keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Waldemar A. Pförtsch on the development of marketing in recent decades. Carl Christian Jenster from CBS invited the lecture to the keynote speech.

The aim of the talk was to introduce the students to the new way of thinking of H2H marketing and to provide incentives for further development.

Brief outline of the CBS keynote speech
In order to clarify the relevance of the H2H marketing, Prof. Pförtsch’s presentation first looked at the history of B2B and B2C marketing over the past three decades.

The dominance of B2C marketing has been undisputed since the 1960s and has defined both marketing science and everyday life. Certain sales models (TV sales, direct sales), technological progress, but also social moods (keyword consumerism) have shaped the development.

The increasing interest in intangible aspects of business led to the increase in service offerings and, as a result – brand management – which is increasingly becoming the focus of companies. This era also saw a strengthening of marketing, such that from this point companies saw it increasingly as an investment rather than a cost element. This has resulted in some of the most successful marketing campaigns and most exciting success stories.

The emergence of the Internet marked the next leap in development. Those who did not immediately recognise and exploit the possibilities of a personalised, pointed and specific target group approach, often fell dramatically behind. Whether in the B2B or B2C arena, digitisation created a new atmosphere of immediate communication.

The next stop is the increasing awareness of environmental problems. Whether in the business or consumer sector, the mindset is moving towards meaningful, transparent and relationship-based solutions. This is precisely the background for the huge importance of H2H marketing, which is all about the design of interpersonal communication.

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