In H2H Marketing the authors focus on redefining the role of marketing by reorienting the mindset of decision-makers and integrating the concepts of Design Thinking, Service-Dominant Logic and Digitalization. 

It’s not just technological advances that have made it necessary to revisit the way everybody thinks about marketing; customers and marketers as human decision-makers are changing, too. Therefore, having the right mindset, the right management approach and highly dynamic implementation processes is key to creating innovative and meaningful value propositions for all stakeholders.

This book is essential reading for the following groups:

  • Executives who want to bring new meaning to their lives and organizations
  • Managers who need inspirations and evidence for their daily work in order to handle the change management needed in response to the driving forces of technology, society and ecology
  • Professors, trainers and coaches who want to apply the latest marketing principles
  • Students and trainees who want to prepare for the future
  • Customers of any kind who need to distinguish between leading companies
  • Employees of suppliers and partners who want to help their firms stand out.

The authors review the status quo of marketing and outline its evolution to the new H2H Marketing. In turn, they demonstrate the new marketing paradigm with the H2H Marketing Model, which incorporates Design Thinking, Service-Dominant Logic and the latest innovations in Digitalization. With the new H2H Mindset, Trust and Brand Management and the evolution of the operative Marketing Mix to the updated, dynamic and iterative H2H Process, they offer a way for marketing to find meaning in a troubled world.

H2H Marketing

The Genesis of Human-to-Human Marketing

Autores: Philip Kotler, Waldemar Pfoertsch, Uwe Sponholz

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