Management, methods and processes for marketing from human to human
The change in the meaning of marketing became noticeable at the latest with the advent of digitalization: by reducing its function to sales tasks and communication. It has made itself almost superfluous. Marketing needs both renewal and recollection. The future of marketing lies at the crystallization point of all entrepreneurial activities – the radical focus on the customer. While many marketing guides end with the appeal “back to the customer”, the authors show here in detail why marketing needs a new mindset. This publication shows how it can be strategically repositioned and operationally implemented for the benefit of the customer: empathetically, agilely, holistically networked and iteratively. Serious marketing can thus help to solve urgent, human problems. The authors analyse the neglected marketing culture in many B2C and B2B companies in razor-sharp detail. With the H2H (human-to-human) marketing concept they have developed, they point the way for a radical reorientation in marketing. They do not present pithy sayings, cool buzzwords or romantic fantasies, but professional craftsmanship that marketing professionals must master for their daily work. Marketing will thus be respected again, but must first earn this respect through new knowledge and improved skills.

From the content

  • The necessary change in marketing mindset through design thinking, service dominant logic and digitalization.
  • Trust and its management in the form of brand, customer experience and reputation is often underestimated in practice and yet it is so effective.
  • The concrete way to H2H marketing with process and instruments. How to generate real employee and customer enthusiasm.


The New Marketing Mindset

Management, methods and processes for marketing from person to person

Authors: Pförtsch, Waldemar, Sponholz, Uwe

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